What to Expect in a First Year

First year course selection: The following courses are recommended by the program:

  • AP/SOSC 1430 9.00 - Introduction to International Development Studies
  • 1000-level 6 credit NATS course
  • 1000-level 6 or 9 credit HUMA or SOSC course to partly fulfill General Education requirement

You may also consider adding courses outside the Major. It is strongly recommended students do not exceed 30 credits in the first year.

  • 6 or 3 credit outside the Major course – which may be an introductory level course in a second Major or Minor
  • 3 credit outside the Major course

Introduction to International Development Studies (AP/SOSC 1430 9.0): This course introduces students to the field of international development studies, which has emerged as a result of efforts to bring about development in the Global South. It uses a critical and 15 historical approach drawing on concrete case studies, to examine the assumptions, practices and consequences of development.

General Education Courses in First Year: As part of the first year experience, students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies complete General Education Courses in Humanities, Natural Science or Social Science.

Examples include (not all these courses may be offered every year (York University Course website):


  • Cultures of Resistance in the Americas
  • Culture and Society in East Asia
  • Concepts of Male and Female in the West
  • Existence, Freedom and Meaning
  • Introduction to Caribbean Studies

Natural Science

  • Scientific Change
  • Evolution
  • The Genetic Revolution
  • Science, Technology and the Environment

Social Science

  • Understanding Social Theory
  • International Migration
  • Human Rights and Canadian Minorities

Courses Outside the Major in First Year

The first year experience may also include courses outside the major or an introductory course in a second major or minor. Examples include:

  • Introduction to Social Anthropology
  • Elementary Spanish
  • War, Revolution and Society
  • Introduction to Politics
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology