BA Program (30 credits)

Mandatory Core Courses

18 credits:
AP/SOSC 1430 9.00 Introduction to International Development Studies*
AP/SOSC 2800 6.00 Development in Comparative and Historical Perspective
AP/SOSC 3800 6.00 Development Studies Research Methods

Select two areas of concentration from:

  • Area 1: Culture
  • Area 2: Diasporas and Migration
  • Area 3: Environment
  • Area 4: Gender
  • Area 5: Political Economy
  • Area 6: Politics, Governance & Policy

Areas of Concentration

12 credits: 6 credits in each of two chosen areas of concentration - at least 6 of these credits must be at the 3000 or 4000-level


*For students enrolled in the program prior to FW 2014-15, this 9-credit course fulfills General Education requirements as well as the IDS major requirement. All 9 credits count toward the 120 credits required for the Honours BA degree, but only 6 credits from this course will go toward the IDS major.

Effective 2014-15, students enrolled in the program, are required to take SOSC 1430 9.00 AND a Social Science general education course. Six of the nine credits from SOSC 1430 will count toward the program's requirements and the remaining three credits will count toward electives/courses outside the major.

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