International Development Studies

International Development Studies (IDS) is an interdisciplinary program that offers a rewarding undergraduate degree with promising career opportunities in the broad area of International Development. The program brings together a large number of scholars who study and teach various aspects of International Development at York University. IDS provides a richly textured, intellectually rigorous, and highly relevant curriculum that deals with the theories of development as well as the ways in which different development organizations attempt to reach those in need. Through the collaboration of our 4 multidisciplinary faculty members, IDS enjoys the scholarship of a cohesive community of intellectuals from both within and outside of York University.

The objective of the program is to provide an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the Global South, including Global South communities living in the North, in the face of existing inequalities between rich and poor nations, and the political-institutional, cultural, socio-economic and ecological factors presently affecting international development.