In order to reach the desired faculty member dial (416) 736– 2100, followed by the extension number listed below.

CANEL, Eduardo

CANEL, EduardoProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Sociology, York University)
Email: ecanel@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 815 Kaneff Tower
Phone Extension: 22476
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Research Interests
State–Civil Society Relations, Social Movements, Socio-environmental conflicts, Forced Displacement, Social Capital, Participatory Decentralization and Local Governance, Democratization, Latin America.


Luin GoldringProfile: Website
(Ph.D., Development Sociology, Cornell University)
Email: goldring@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 816 Kaneff Tower
Phone Extension: 60311
Departmental Affiliation: Sociology


GRINSPUN, RicardoProfile: Website
(Ph.D, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Email: ricardo@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 816 Kaneff Tower
Phone Extension: 77049
Departmental Affiliation: Economics

Research Interests
Ricardo Grinspun is associate professor of Economics, a fellow of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC), and one of the initiators of the University Consortium on the Global South at York. He specializes in questions of development and international trade, hemispheric integration, and globalization in the Americas. He is a former director of CERLAC and has directed several large scale international development projects, including now a CIDA-funded linkage project with Chilean partners on agroecology and sustainable rural development. He is co-editor and co-author of four books and one briefing paper series, and the author of more than 40 scholarly articles and technical reports. He is now co-editing and co-authoring a volume for McGill-Queen’s University Press on “deep integration” in North America.


GONZALEZ, MiguelProfile: Website
(Ph.D, York University)
Email: migon@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 133 Founders
Phone Extension: 44087
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science


GURURANI, ShubhraProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Anthropology, Syracuse University)
Email: gururani@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 2038 Vari Hall
Phone Extension: 33716
Departmental Affiliation: Anthropology

Research Interests
Cultural politics of environment and development, postcoloniality, third world feminisms, and social movements, extensive ethnographic and archival research in one of the internationally known hotbeds of environmental movements – the land of Chipko, in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, India and critical exploration of the cultural production and representation of nature, environmentalism, place, gender, and identity.


IDAHOSA, PabloProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Political Science, University of Toronto)
Campus Address: 314 Founders
Phone Extension: 66939
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Research Interests
National development and modernity in Africa; economic displacement; development, inequality and poverty; development ethics; the politics of ethnicity; development and cultural production in Africa; and the politics of AIDS in Africa.

ON LEAVE – July 2015 – June 2016

IDEMUDIA, Uwafiokun

Profile: Website
(Ph.D. Geography, Lancaster University)
Email: idemudia@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 320 Founders
Phone Extension: 33155
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Research Interests
Professor Idemudia’s research interests are in the area of critical development studies, political economy and political ecology approaches to natural resource extraction in developing countries, business and development, issues of governance, transparency and accountability in resource rich African countries. He is also interested in the relationship between development and conflict as well as environmental security. He is at present working on a SSHRC funded research project that seeks to critically examine the relationship between corporate social responsibility and the resource curse in Africa.

KELLY, Phillip

KELLY, PhillipProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Geography, University of British Columbia)
Email: pfkelly@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 836 Kaneff Tower
Phone Extension: 44076
Departmental Affiliation: Geography

Research Interests
Labour market trajectories of Filipino immigrants and their children in Toronto; transnational linkages forged with communities and families in the Philippines and the process of socio-economic change in sending areas; interface between political economy approaches to class and labour markets, and cultural approaches that explore the intersection of class and other bases of identity; labour, industrialization and urbanization in Southeast Asia; the politics of globalization and other representations of economic space.

MEKOUAR, Merouan

MEKOUAR, MerouanProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Political Science, McGill University)
Email: mmekouar@yorku.ca
Campus Address: N831 Ross
Phone Extension: 60311
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Research Interests
State and society in North Africa and the Middle East, developmental politics, authoritarian resilience, social movements, revolutions and herding behavior.

MIANDA, Getrude

MIANDA, GetrudeProfile: Website
(Ph.D, Laval University)
Email: mianda@glendon.yorku.ca
Campus Address: 206K Founders College
Phone Extension: 88198
Departmental Affiliation: School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies


MUKHERJEE, AnanyaProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Political Economy & Public Policy, University of Southern California)
Email: ananya@yorku.ca
Campus Address: S669 Ross
Phone Extension: 33197
Departmental Affiliation: Political Science

Research Interests
Empirical work on South Asia; broader theoretical issues related to development – and in particular the epistemology of development, the relationship between corporate capital, globalization and human development.

PATRONI, Viviana

PATRONI, VivianaProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Social and Political Thought, York University)
Email: vpatroni@yorku.ca
Campus Address: N833B Ross
Phone Extension: 33752
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Research Interests
Political economy of Latin America and its implications for development; the transformation of the world of work in this region since 1980s; the centrality that labour struggles play in giving concrete shape to patterns of development.

ON LEAVE – January-December 2016

PENZ, Peter

PENZ, PeterProfile: Website
(Ph.D. University of Oxford)
Campus Address: 282 HNE
Phone Extension: 22620
Departmental Affiliation: Environmental Studies


QUADIR, FahimProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Political Science, Dalhousie University)
Email: fquadir@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 230R York Lanes
Phone Extension: 22249
Departmental Affiliation: Social Science

Research Interests
Aid effectiveness, emerging donors, civil society, democratization, economic liberalization, emerging donors, good governance, human development, human security, micro-finance, NGOs, development planning and management, and regionalism.

Albert Schrauwers

Albert SchrauwersProfile: Website
Email: schrauwe@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 270L Vari Hall
Phone Extension: 44066
Departmental Affiliation: Anthropology

Patrick Taylor

Patrick D M TaylorProfile: Website
(Ph.D. York University)
Email: taylorp@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 824 Kaneff Tower
Phone Extension: 33320/ 55158
Departmental Affiliation: Humanities

Peter Vandergeest

VANDERGEEST, PeterProfile: Website
(Ph.D. Development Sociology, Cornell University)
Email: pvander@yorku.ca
Campus Address: 829 Kaneff Tower
Phone Extension: 66191
Departmental Affiliation: Sociology

Research Interests
Political ecology, agro-food studies, the cultural politics of environment and development, and Southeast Asian studies.